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Points Policy

1.     The Services may include anopportunity for you to earn, buy or use a type or types of virtual currency("FigureKon Points") to purchase Products on figurekon.com.

2.     FigureKon Points are not realmoney, do not have monetary value, and may never be redeemed for "realworld" money or other items of monetary value from outside of the Serviceswithout our written permission. While we may use terms like "buy,""purchase" or "sell" in reference to the FigureKon Points,we do so only for convenience and such terms in no way indicate that FigureKonPoints have monetary value or are real money. You acknowledge that FigureKonPoints are not real currency and are not redeemable for any sum of money fromus at any time. We make no guarantee as to the nature, quality or value of thefeatures of the Services or the availability or supply of FigureKon Points.

3.     FigureKon Points are providedto you under a limited, personal, revocable, non-transferable,non-sublicensable license to use within the Services. FigureKon Points may notbe transferred or re-sold in any manner, including, without limitation, bymeans of any direct sale or auction service. Any "virtual currency"balance shown in your account does not constitute a real-world balance orreflect any stored value, but instead constitutes a measurement of the extentof your license.

4.     FigureKon Points will begenerated when your order is completed, and the points will be calculated everymonth and given to your account on 10th of next month(it will bepostponed to the next business day if 10th is a holiday in Taiwan).

5.     All FigureKon Points areforfeited if your account or access to the Services is terminated or suspendedfor any reason, in our sole and absolute discretion, or if we discontinueavailability of some or all of the Services. We may at any time expire free orpromotional FigureKon Points given to you.

6.     We have no liability forhacking or loss of your FigureKon Points or any Products obtained via FigureKonPoints. We have no obligation to, and will not, reimburse you for any FigureKonPoints or any Products obtained via FigureKon Points that are lost due to yourviolation of these Terms. We reserve the right, without prior notification, tolimit the quantity of FigureKon Points and/or to refuse to provide you with anyFigureKon Points. Price, exchangeability and availability of FigureKon Pointsare determined by us in our sole discretion and are subject to change withoutnotice. You agree that we have the absolute right to manage, distribute,regulate, control, modify and/or eliminate FigureKon Points, at any time, withor without notice, as we see fit in our sole discretion, and that we will haveno liability for exercising such right.

7.     You agree that under nocircumstances are we liable to you for any damages or claims that may arisefrom the loss or use of your FigureKon Points regardless of the circumstances.You absolve us of any responsibility to maintain or update your FigureKonPoints account. However, if there is a loss of FigureKon Points in your accountdue to technical or operational problems with the Services, then we will refundthe lost FigureKon Points once the loss has been verified. Without limiting anyof the foregoing provisions of the Membership and FigureKon points policy of theTerms, our maximum liability or responsibility to you is to refund the FigureKonPoints lost.

8.     Redemption of FigureKon Points.

8.1  You may redeem your FigureKon Points for Products on figurekon.com.We will, in our sole discretion, determine and communicate the availability andexchange rate for any FigureKon Points, which may be modified at any time. Youmust comply with any individual Product limitations as indicated via theServices. All redemptions are subject to these Terms and all limitations andrequirements stated via the Service.

8.2  You may choose a Product that is available for which you havesufficient FigureKon Points for redemption. Upon selecting the Product you wishto buy with your FigureKon Points, follow the instructions to complete theredemption process. As part of the redemption process, you may receive aconfirmation email or message from us and/or our designee and, when applicable,an email or message containing the Products in the form of a link, code, couponor similar means. Emails or messages will be sent to the email address or othercontact information assigned to your account. You hereby authorize us tocommunicate with you via email.

8.3  All acquisitions of FigureKon Points and redemptions for Productsare final. Once FigureKon Points have been lost or spent, they will besubtracted from your account and cannot be refunded or returned, except in oursole discretion of any special cases such as the product(box not included)being damaged when received.