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What is "FigureKon" ?
"Kon" is "コン" in Japanese, which stands for someone who's addicted to something.
"FigureKon" represents people who love figure collections.

FigureKon was founded by a group of figure lovers and dedicates to providing the best quality of service in the world. We cooperate with the FedEx service to make sure that all valuable customers of FigureKon(a so-called FigureKoner) get their beloved product in the safest and fastest way, only because we're also collectors of figures, toys, and model kits, we understand what you care about and how you expect the best shopping experience on figurekon.com.

With the vision to become the global leader in anime collection entertainment, we're targeting the very first step in the U.S. and expanding our business globally with figures, model kits, and collectors’ toys. We truly believe the anime culture could be a bridge between different cultures around the world and every order from a FigureKoner represent a friendship and reliance on FigureKon. We also strive to arouse more "Anime Spirits" and mutual interactions between the FigureKoners, which is the faith of FigureKon and the principles of how we work.

We provide the best quality of the service via three promises as follows:
  • Customer orientation: We treat every FigureKoners as our friend and try our best to enlarge your satisfaction.
  • Fascinating and authentic products: We provide the most popular and unique products which are 100% authentic.
  • Safe & fast delivery: We take any possible approaches to shorter the delivery time to make sure FigureKoners get the products ASAP.

Welcome to this big family. Enjoy and have fun here!