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Delivery Policy

  • Ship worldwide
  • Please contact customer service for the shipping fee if outside of the countries listed at checkout.
  • We will take the calculated shipping fee from the actual weight of the package or the dimensional weight(DIM weight), whichever is higher.
  • If your delivery address is located in a “Out of Delivery/Pick-up Area Surcharge” designated by FedEx, an additional surcharge will be charged (this fee is completely dependent on FedEx. FigureKon does not charge additional fees)
    If you want to confirm whether the delivery address is classified as a “Out of Delivery/Pick-up Area Surcharge”, please contact us.
  • NOTICE: Because the shipping location of Gk figures/statues is different from other types of figures, two stages of freight will be charged, 1. Studio to our warehouse 2. FigureKon to customers